Buy a digital camera in Vietnam

Buy a digital camera in Vietnam

Buy a digital camera in Vietnam, is it a good deal ?  Where to Buy a camera in Vietnam ?

Photography equipment are expensive in general. However, after comparison of the cost of apprareils bought in Europe and America and those purchased in Vietnam, we think it is more profitable to buy one in Vietnam. In this post, we give you a little guide to help you find good quality cameras in Vietnam, cheaper price than those you can find outside of Vietnam . Here, you can bargain the price too -))

Buy Digital Camera In Vietnam

Buy Digital Camera In Vietnam

What cameras can be found in Vietnam?

Any kind of brand exists in Vietnam. Sony, Canon, Nikon, Olympus, all new or used and also antiques. You can find them all. There has always been photographers in Vietnam and Vietnamese also love to take pictures and be photographed. In addition, Vietnam is open to the world, so there is trade between Vietnam and the outside . Once we made the ad for a new series of camera of any brand, the following week, the same appears in the store of some cameras shops in Ha Noi and Saigon.

Where you can find them?

The photography is a big Evolution and becomes popular hobby for medium class in Vietnam living in big cities. So we must look for cameras shops in rich cities like Hanoi, Hai Phong, in northern Vietnam and Ho Chi Minh City in the south

You can find good photography equipment at the following addresses:

In Hanoi

Vong Duc Street, small alley between Hang Bai Street and Ngo Quyen, at a short walk from Hoan Kiem lake. In this small street there are many shops for cameras . These shops sell all kinds of brand, all kinds of quality and condition: old, new and antique. A bargain! Also, we can repair the camera at a raisonnable price with competent workers. The good one for news cameras is Minh Tuyet Camera ( Website ) in the biggest shop 7-11 Vong Duc Street . If you are searching for old cameras and lens , please check in a smaller shop : 8 Vong Duc ( Manh Hai shop ) , that the shop I like and bought qui a lot equipements for me

In Trang Thi Street, at the intersection of the Phu Doan and Trang Thi streets, there are some  photography shops. There are many choices in these shops, they also sell old but mostly new cameras. I recommend a shop called Vu Nhat offering competitive prices and guaranteed quality. Once, I saw a difference of 50 euros between the one with his neighbor for the same device.

For those looking for old cameras for collection purpuse , go to the Song Hong camera shop (  located in the Trang Thi street just at the crossroads of Trang thi and Ly Thai To, next to Hoan Kiem Lake . It is modest and old  shop as its cameras presented inside. This is the best place for those seeking acessories for their old devices or seeking collections. In the shop, there are beautiful Rollei that fontionc always very good

There are many more camerashop but they are a bit far from the center then it’s nearly impossible for you to find them if you are not some one living in Hanoi …About the price, before buying a camera, check the Device prices, because  are very competitive in websites of some famous shops.

To repair a Carema in Hanoi

If your camera doesn’t work or  your lens  are broken …you can find some adresses for repairing in Hanoi , I recommend you these 2 adreses . Don’t go to other shop to be cheated

3A Quang Trung ( not so far from Cathedral of Hanoi )

HOÀNG TRỌNG CAMERA 3A Vọng Đức, P. Hàng Bài,

The owner are well known for repairing digital cameras and its price is relatively cheap.

To Buy digital cameras in Sai Gon

Ngọc camera at  Võ văn Tần street

Khánh Long 35 Lê Lợi

In  Tax Building, fisrt floor, there a a nice  shop D4 Vĩnh Hùng, good price

To repair your camera in Hochiminh City ( Saigon )

Check these adresses

Mr  Tấn 468/29 Trần Hưng Đạo – Phường 2 – Quận 5 – Tp. HCM

Mr  Phạm Thế 11 Lê Công Kiều,  Nguyễn Thái Bình – Quận 1 – Tp. HCM

Mr   Phú Camera 30 Trần Hưng Đạo – Phường Phạm Ngũ Lão – Quận 1 – Tp. HCM

Camera Như Lễ 54 Tôn Thất Thiệp – Phường Bến Nghé – Quận 1 hoặc 124 Pasteur – Phường Bến Nghé – Quận 1 – Tp. HCM

Mr Nhan , N 2, trần Quang khải, p đa kao, q1.

Camera Được at  49 huỳnh Thúc Kháng

How to convert the prices displayed in Vietnamese Dong in your currency ?

Here is the link to see it: