Burma trekking to explore the old treasure and meet nice people

Burma is the link between Bangladesh and India to the west, Thailand and Laos to the east. Great discovery for you !

Burma cities, Burma fields

The bustling metropolis of fans will love Yangon . The old capital , now the largest city of Burma , is home to a teeming life and shines a thousand lights pagoda Schwedagon . Dhala vast township that unfolds around the city , discovered about him … and trishaw in the pouring rain with regard to our small group.

Burma, they are also bright rural landscape consisting of rice fields and at the end of monsoon immersed in a foggy atmosphere conducive to serenity hiking. A carriage ride leads to Bagan , fabulous archaeological site that scatters its 2,000 temples and pagodas. A canoes , we let slip on the Inle lake, cool oasis from the center of the country, near Nyaungshwe . Burma campaign is also suitable for cycling . What better way to ride in the middle of temples and monasteries under the watchful eyes of the monks ?

Trek and Meetings of Burmese

Crossing the river by boat, train encircling the city train stations, where people crowd … while Burma is a pretext for the meeting, and that’s good , because the most beautiful treasure of Burma ,  ‘ is the smile of its inhabitants. The streets being green schools, the grocer to the peasant on his cart , the young guitarist with calm unipagayistes fishermen Inle Lake … not to mention the guides and porters , all here are smiling shoulder. One of the best ways of meeting is to find markets : vegetables, fish crafts … color the city of thousand color, perfume smells of ginger, citrus , tea … and fill with laughter and apostrophes playful came from all sides.