Bun Cha – One of 10 best Hanoi typical dishes – taste it !

Bun Cha – One of 10 best Hanoi typical dishes – taste it !

Bun Cha – One of 10 best Hanoi typical dishes – taste it !

Bun Cha – One of 10 best Hanoi typical dishes – taste it !

Today, we introduce you another typical Hanoi food :  Bun Cha (pronounced “Bun Cha” in Vietnamese). For all of us, it’s delicious, easy to find out many restaurants in Hanoi center, and the price are cheap . When a  vietnamese go out, he plan to eat fisrly Pho, and secondly, Bun Cha .

Nowaday, Bun Cha are popular dish in the streets of Hanoi for  breakfast and lunch because it’s light and fresh to eat , good for diggestion . Sometime, people eat also in dinner but rarely and it’s because it’s fast .

This speciality consists of grilled pork (laminated or chopped into a ball), white vermicelli, aroma herbs and Nuoc Mam (fish sauce). It regularly takes with spring rolls, in small size, but sometimes very large such as “Bun Cha Hang Manh” Look at this picture above to identifie a good BUN CHA. About the price, all including Nem, Bun Cha, fish sauce, you pay 40 000 VND ( 2 USD )

In Hanoi, there are as many of Bun Cha restaurants as Pho Restaurant . This is altenative food. Never together ! Check here for Best Pho restaurant in Hanoi

The most famous address in Hanoi are

Bun Cha Hang Manh – 1 Hang Manh Street or 67 Duong Thanh Street: The best known and most honored. They have a small website http://bunchahangmanh.vn/. In this restaurant, you can order Nem together with Bun Cha , it’s one kind of Sea food Nem ( crabe).

Bun Cha No23 Nguyen Bieu Street

Pork is covered with patches of banana leaves and placed between two grills and cooked on wood chabon. At this address, it uses only salt and spices with lots of garlic and chopped carrots to the sauce (Nuoc Mam is never taken).

Bun Cha No2 Street Hang Khoai

With over 15 years of eperiences until now (2013), this address is open from very early in the morning, around 6:00, until the afternoon around 14:00. Here we have two kinds of spring rolls to take with Bun Cha: crab spring rolls and spring rolls with vegetables.

Bun Cha
No34 Hang Than :

very popular with clients due to its good price and pleasant, harmonious taste, mixed laminated pork, sauce …