Approval letter or Invitation Letter for Vietnam Visa ( VOA )

 What is Approval letter  or Invitation Letter for Vietnam Visa ( VOA ) ?

It is a official document granted by the Vietnamese immigration  service that permit you to obtain your travel or business Vietnam visa ! The correct term should be thevisa approval letter but it can be called  Invitation Letter. The real subject of thisinvitation letter is to help you to get your vietnam visa up on arrival at the international airport.

This official document (with the stamps from the Central Vietnam Immigration Departement) approve  that you have applied for a visa to Vietnam through thecompany or through a local tour operator well MENTIONED and granted . Your requerement is approved  and registered under a certain number. Here is a sample of the Invitation letter for Vietnam  visa

 Invitation Letter for Vietnam Visa

Invitation Letter for Vietnam Visa

Why the Vietnam Visa On arrival ?

In theses day, Vietnam Visa On arrival has been chosen by a great number of tourists. Many advantages of Vietnam visa on arrival can be related here:

–        Easy and fast on line application with some clicks
–        Money and times saving: Why go to  embassy ? Why pay transportation fee and time for hight costs? Dont’ do it any more . Just do it on line
–        Fast and secure On line payment with PayPal

Vietnam Visa Approval letter is issued by Immigration service of Vietnam Gov and you can get it  with a legitimated local Vietnamese travel agency  who submit your approval letter request

Vietnam Visa Approval Letter allows the mentionned people with noted approved information on the entry and exit date and visa type. Vietnam visa on arrival is efficient only for whose come to vietnam by airway and can be obtained only at Vietnam airports


About the cost, the cost for approval letter depend on the visa type that you require

To Apply for Vietnam Visa Approval Letter, please follow theses instructions below:

-First of all, check your passeport . You have to be  sure that your passport  is valid for 6 month upward since the proposed date of arrival in Vietnam.

-Then, complete the online application for a visa approval letter by copying your passport and send it to the vietnamese agent

-After that, pay the visa approval fee by paypal

-Then wait until you get the visa approval letter issued and sent to your registered email.

-At your departing airport from your country, the airline company that you travel with may ask you to show the approval letter

-At Vietnam airport when you arrive, you go to the “Vietnam visa on arrival service” desk to obtain your visa stamped. In this place, you give them your visa approval letter, passport, the application for entry and exit form, and pay the stamping fee.

For further information on Vietnam visa approval letter, please read on

What do you need to get the approval letter ?

To obtain your Vietnam Visa approval letter make sure you give yourself plenty of time. They say it can take up to two working days to get the letter, but we always suggest giving them at least two weeks to give you some wiggle room. You will need to provide approval letter providers with the following details:

  • Name on Passport
  • Gender
  • Date of Birth
  • Nationality
  • Passport Number
  • Arrival Date
  • Type of Visa

If for some reason you need to obtain an emergency approval letter, this can be done for an additional cost. These costs can range from anything as low as seven dollars per person, up to as much as $55 per person for emergency 2 hours weekend services. Do not put your trip at risk, get your approval letter early.

If you are a citizen of a country in Africa, or western Asia, the costs for the approval letter are substantially higher. India is the most reasonable at about $25 to $30 at sites that offer a cheap Vietnam visa service. Africa and the Middle East can be extremely expensive ranging over $150 U.S. just for the approval letter.

Going to visit lovely Vietnam can be the answer to a dream, and it might mean striking another item off that bucket list of yours. Like many countries ravaged by war, the Vietnam government now requires visas for entry of foreign nationals. Straight forward is the easiest way to explain how to get your Vietnam visa. Select one of the cheap Vietnam visa online websites and order your approval letter well in time for your trip.

How can i get the express approval letter

While you receive the approbation of  Vietnam visa, it is for sure valid forever for your right to get your  Vietnam Visa stamped. You can apply for Vietnam Visa months  in advance. Because the Vietnam visa processus take only 2 or 5 working days, you are recommended to apply for Vietnam Visa  7  days before you fly to Vietnam. Although some vietnamese organisations can help you toget the approval letter for Vietnam Visa for  in urgent case, the fee are more expensive  ( about 25 USD check the Express service of Minh Anh Travel, one of best Visa Service Website in clicking the image below)

How can i get the express approval letter ?

For sure, you can have it in one day with the Express Visa Service. A trustable organization are usually  capable of processing your request of Vietnam Visa approval letter within Only ONE day or even in few working hours (in case of super urgent) while the confirmation of your payment. In this situation, you are suggested to follow theses instructions to obtain your urgent Approvale letter for your visa:

1. Scan or copy your passport, associated with your desired visa processing information to this  email address: Please check your time, try to send the mail in working hours in Vietnam because the Immigration service work only in working hours ( 8 AM – 4 PM )

2. Then pay and wait until the reply

One you get the confirmation from this mail, pay and please wait until the Visa Approval letter are sent to your mail ! Usually, less than one day time you can get it

Avantages to order the Vietnam Visa On arrival with us

New method to Order online “quick and easy”. Order your visa by some clics.You can order some more visas in the same order.With the ability to pay by PayPal.

An “tailor-made”assistance for  formalities. After your order, you will receive a confirmation email with all the details for yourvisa (steps to follow, the documents to provide, embassy form) formalities. The same day of receipt from our agency, we verify that your application for a visais complete and valid for the embassy. If something is missing, we will call youimmediately to avoid any delay in the time of your visa.

Then We process your visa application quickly ar Vietnam Immigration service, safety and efficacy (submission of the application and withdrawal of passport withvisa). Since its issuance, we check that the visa corresponds to your order, then wewill send it to your email  address. Once we receive your completed application and valid at our office, you will immediately receive an SMS and email to notify you. You can also track your orderby mail