How to apply your visa on arrival on line

Here are easy steps to follow to apply for a Vietnam visa online 

1 Send us one of your scanners valid passports

To apply for a visa to Vietnam for you or your group, we need details of your passport. Let scan your passport then email them to our mail Why a scan ? Sometime, there mistake so to avoir any mistake during the processus, we need a scan

2 Pay

For this service, we accept only Paypal paiement. Please pay by Paypal, then send us your passport scanners and Paypal ID .

3 Receive your visa approval letter

After receiving your payment we will apply for your visa on arrival. Usually it takes 2 or 3 working days before the application is approved. Following approval procedure, we will send you e-mail the letter of visa approval. This is the official document that allows you to visit Vietnam during the period for which you have applied. You must print this form and bring it with you to Vietnam and present it to the immigration officer.

4 Complete the visa application

And last papers you need to fill are the visa application forms for each visitor  with a photo ID (passport) attached.

5 Fly to Vietnam.

Search and pay your visa at the immigration office in the airport when you arrive at the airport to pick up your Vietnam visa at the immigration office. Present your passport, the Visa Approval Letter and Request Form and pay the cost of stamping. For a single entry visa to the fees are U.S. $ 25. For a visa to multiple entry fees are U.S. $ 50. You also need a 4×6 portrait photo with you

Visa Approval Letter price per personUrgent  (1 day)Cost of stamping
Visa typesNormal (2 days)
1 per2-3 pers4-5 pers6-9 pers10 and more
One entry01 month$9/p$9/p$9/p$9/p$9/p25 usd/p$25/p
03 months$20/p$20/p$20/p$20/p$20/p45 usd/p$25/p


01 month$15/p$15/p$15/p$15/p$15/p35 usd/p$50/p
03 months$45/p$45/p$45/p$45/p$45/p65 usd/p$50/p