5 “Must-Do” Experiences on a Everest Base Camp Trek

A hike to Mount Everest Base Camp on opposite sides of the world’s highest mountain, Mount Everest is really a fascinating experience. There are two primitive base camps used by mountaineers to prepare and get acclimatized to the altitude as they start their journey to the top of the world. The northern base camp is situated in Tibet. Southern camp is in Nepal. The 5 “Must-Do” experiences to reach the Everest Base Camp from Nepal side are as follows:

1. Getting equipments and geard from Kathmandu                

We need to gear up properly before the trek. In case we are not equipped with necessary equipment , it’s ideal to purchase or hire gear prior to the trek. The area where most of the tourists stay in Kathmandu, called Thamel is filled with good trekking equipment and gear shops. We need to consider which the better deal, hire is or buy? For example, a sleeping bag be economical if you take it on hire but buying the same could be be of good value. Later you can sell it at the same place. What we mean to say is that we get a light and clean, high quality bag which some shops can get you tailor made stuff. We also require to thoroughly inspect hired gear as we pay a security deposit and will be charged in case of any kind of damage caused.

2. Financial Planning

We need to carry adequate cash in US Dollars and in Nepalese currency from Kathmandu so as to cover the entire trekking experience. Credit cards are not accepted at most places. The expenses which could be incurred on a day-to-day basis is nominal.

Allow for unforeseen costs such as a visit to the local doctor, extra rest days, hot shower, internet surfing, toilet paper and emergency chocolates and snacks. We always need to carry more than what we have estimated. You will find an ATM at Namche Bazaar and other ways of procuring cash but you should not take the risk as they are sometimes out of service. Arrange the flight information details to Kathmandu and further.

3. Ten useful items we did not think of

We should carefully consider handy items like walking poles, prayer flags, wine, water purifying tablets, thermometer, pocket knife, sports tape, tiger balm, tea and light candles.

4. No snuggles in a single bed

Most accommodation here is twin type. Single beds are usually not for our romantic and exhilarating Everest adventure. . Most guesthouses have a number of blankets which are available on request. Heated blankets are also available on request. There is a need to move in quickly during peak season in order to claim them.

5. Yak Protocol

Yaks are usually placid beasts and can withstand lot of labour. But do not be fooled as they be very deadly too. When we hear that enchanting sound of clinking bells, we need to make sure that we are on the hill side of the herd of yaks passing by. A yak horn can easily send any trekker tumbling deep into the narrow valley below.