5 beautiful sightseeings in Vung Tau city

Vung Tau has got 42 kilometers of coast, so there are many beautiful sightseeings in Vung Tau, let’s discovery the beauty by this post.

Vung Tau city

Vung Tau city

1. Thuy Van Beach:

It has another name is Thuy Duong Beach, this is the most beautiful, popular beach in Vietnam destinations, this beach stretches for 10 km with clean sea, big waves, big wind,… this one is suitable for people like play sea sports such as moto water,  kite flying,… In here, the infrastructure is well developed with many hotels, motels,… serve people travel to Vung Tau in long time.

2. Tam Duong Beach:

It’s not larger and busier than Thuy Van Beach but this sightseeings in Vung Tau city is so romantic with coconut trees along the coast, this place is suitable for couples like quiet space, hand in hand go along on the street and watching the sunset.

3. Dau Beach (Huong Thao Beach)

This beach is so small, streches for 3 km, this place separate from the noisy of Sea city. In front of, there are many rocks and there are a big moutain with luxuriant vegetation. Dau Beach become a quiet space where you can find another places like this in Vung Tau city.

4. Nui Nho Moutain:

Its height is 170m, located in the southern of Vung Tau city, when you come here you will see everything in Vung Tau. Especially, in this moutain, there are many many cultural – spiritual buildings such asKito Jesus statue, Vung Tau lighthouse,… Don’t forget this sightseeings in Vung Tau city when travelling to.

5. Nui Lon Moutain (Tuong Ky):

Its height is 245m, located in the northern of city. On the way to peaks, you will see the famous cultural architectures  such as Buddha statues, Marian statue,… And on the peaks, there are a natural freshwater lake and many hotels, restaurants,… You can go to peaks by cable car in order to save your time and energy.