Thạch Lam, famous writer in the biginning of 20th century said: Pho ( Noudle soup is a special Hanoi’s gift ,even  Pho not only made in hanoi, but only in  Hanoi, Pho noudle soup is the best . In Hanoi, you can find easily  in every corner a Pho restaurant. It’s the most famous and cheap food in Vietnam and in Hanoi. In this artcle , I show you 2 best places to eat Pho in Hanoi  

2 – Pho 10 Ly Quoc Su

Pho 10 Ly Quoc Su
Pho 10 Ly Quoc Su

Pho 10 Ly Quoc Su is recommended by several guidebooks and Trip Advisord.  This small restaurant is situed only 2 steps from St Joseph’s Cathedral, Pho 10 has a flashy orange front thatyou can not miss. Vietnamese atmosphere where everyone is crammed into a 20 square metersand where you come away with a faint smell of food clinging to your clothes. In short, the place does not look like much, but as everyone knows, it is sometimes in the most sordid restaurantswe eat the best food. Here the price for a Pho Bo ( beaf) is 45000 VDN . The meat is particularly good.

1- Pho 49 Bat Dan

 Queu in front of restaurant
Queu in front of restaurant

This Pho restaurant is really special :  We usually call this place : Pho Xep hang ( Noudle soup in queue ). If you are late, nothing for you . It’s said that this adress is  the  last one of a very famous streets of Noudle Soup in former time . The owner maitain the old recipe for the beef noudle soup That why the second name Pho Gia Truyen  and the taste in especially delicious . I come here many time and never upsaid. Just one thing : Better to come before or after the rush hour for Pho ( usually in the mid day, it’s the best moment to go there , if you are there  about 7-8 morning or 11 at lunch time , you have to make the queu for longtime and one you have your bowl of Pho, you have to eat fast . Here is self service ! Second remark, ONLY BEEF meat here ! No chicken neither other meats..  But It’s the best of Hanoi and really worth a test during your holiday in this lovely city.

Here are the price ( Up to date )

You can choose 3 kind of Pho here. The broth is all the same, the only difference is the cut of meat you get. But they are all good ! Beleave me ! -))

Chin:       Well done brisket slices ( 35,000 VND)
Tai:          Rare steak slices ( 40,000 VND)
Tai Nam: Rare flank slices ( 45,000 VND)