12 Tips For Travelers Cruising With Kids

12 Tips For Travelers Cruising With Kids

If you’re taking a cruise taking your kids along with you, don’t be fraught with anxiety. Granted, it is a floating trip and you’ll be on the sea for days together before sighting land. It’s an unnerving experience if it’s your first time as an adult. For a child, it can be quite traumatic if you don’t prepare them first. Here are 12 tips on how to cruise happily with your kids.

Prepare Your Kids For The Cruise

Before you leave on your cruise, prepare your kids to be on water for days on end. Show them videos of cruises and ships at sea. Explain how many hours or days you’ll be on sea before landing at the different ports. Explain to your kids about the various delights that await them at each port, so that they have something to anticipate.

Involve Your Kids In The Planning

Get your kids involved in the research and planning stage of your cruise. Unless they’re very small, they should be able to contribute and participate eagerly. Shop for port guides, study your ports-on-call using the internet and get as much information as you can. Let your kids contribute their ideas; pool all your ideas together in your family plan.

Prepare Your Kids For Stopovers

Lengthy stopovers and airport transfers will be part of your cruise experience. A good book and suntan lotion might be your way of dealing with it, but kids just don’t have our patience. Let your kids know that stopovers are to be expected. Organize games and activities to keep them occupied during these times.

12 Tips For Travelers Cruising With Kids

12 Tips For Travelers Cruising With Kids

Practice Flexibility

Not much goes as planned in life and cruises are no exception to this fact! Your flight could be delayed, anticipated ports could be canceled and you might even miss your cruise ship! Whatever you do, don’t transfer your anxiety to your kids. Kids are tough to handle when taken outside their comfort zones and your anxiety will make them even more hyper.

Sign Your Kids Up For Cruise Programs

Take advantage of any on-board programs on the cruise. Reputable cruises such as the Royal Caribbean provide supervised activity centers for young kids. Let your kids have fun and explore your deck. If you find older kids on the cruise, pay them to babysit and play with your kids.

Bring Out The Child In You

The best way to enjoy any time with kids is to bring out the child in you. You’re anonymous while on the cruise; go ahead and clown along with your kids, run around, explore, climb up and down decks and have a ball in general. A few hours of you playing with them will set their anxiety at rest and help them adjust better to the cruise.

Buy Disposable Cameras

Buy a few cheap disposable cameras, load them up with film and get your kids to take pictures of everything they see. Point out interesting objects that might motivate them to click away. Arrange a competition amongst your kids; whoever builds the most impressive photo album chronicling the entire cruise gets a special reward.

Take Some Painter’s Tape Along

Use colorful painter’s tape to block electric sockets so that your children don’t get accidentally shocked. A large roll of such tape is also great to put up your kids’ cruise pictures and artwork in your cabin. Use a bit of the tape to ensure your camera lens stays shut when you’re traveling.

Pack Inflatable Toys

Buy some inflatable toys for your kids for the cruise. These toys are cheap and easy to pack and it’s ok to leave them behind when you’re done. You can buy beach balls, animals and a variety of blow up toys.

Take Bubble Bottles Along

It’s important to keep your kids occupied so that they don’t get into trouble. Buy small bottles of soap bubbles and start blowing bubbles whenever you need to distract your kids. This could be during stopovers, delayed flights or while waiting in long lines for something or the other.

Buy Cheap T-Shirts

Pick up several white and color t-shirts for cheap before you travel. You’ll need to replace several of your kids’ t-shirts on the cruise, especially when they’re allowed free to play on the ship. Plus, you’ll be able to avoid paying 10 dollars for white t-shirts for activities such as spray painting and making tie-and-dye t-shirts.

Take All Required Medications Along

Most cruises will provide you excellent first aid facilities and services. Still, when accidents occur, it’s hard to wait for someone to go get the supplies. Always carry basic first aid supplies in your on-hand bag. Also carry basic medications for cold, cough, fever, pain, inflammation and mild antibiotics for infections with you.