10 things you do not know (maybe) about Vietnam

10 things you do not know (maybe) about Vietnam

10 things you do not know (maybe) about Vietnam

Vietnam is a nice country and meet the Vietnamese people in Vietnam  are fantastic occasion to discover their culture . What do we know about the people and the country in the form of S?

1 – Hanoi celebrated its 1000 years in 2010. Wikipedia  summarizes the history of the country here.

2 – The traditional Vietnamese architecture is based on the “geomancy,” a science that studies the configuration of the stars at the time of the site research, with a hint of yin and yang. Both cities palaces and tombs were built from these very specific astrological and geographical criteria, all explainations are here.

3 – While many films have been shot in Vietnam over the past decades, few Vietnamese films that have long been popular in foreign screens. Exceptions? The Parfum of Green Papaya and Cyclo. It is still banned in Vietnam.

4 – At Sadec, a small town in the Mekong Delta, home of the rich Chinese became the lover of Marguerite Duras was declared a national historic site by the Vietnamese authorities in 2010. However, the winner of the Gongourt novel in 1984 inspired by his relationship with this man never went there … It is also possible to visit the house since 2006.

5-At the Red Dao, a subgroup of a minority living in northern countries, women have the habit of shaving the hair and eyebrows, in addition to wearing a red turban (hence the name ) see the picture above

6 – Vietnamese cuisine is known for its variety. There are about 500 dishes! At the party the Tet (Vietnamese New Year), they eat Bánh chung cake salty sticky rice wrapped in coconut leaves or banana as The Backpacker compared to foie gras French

7 – In Vietnam, white skin are preferred. A range of beauty products for skin whitening are marketed.

8 – The Vietnamese have many superstitions. For example, it must not touch the child’s head (the head is sacred), or point your foot at someone, so as not to be inappropriate.

9 – Planting his chopsticks in a bowl of rice is not recommended because associated with death. Incense sticks for the dead are burned

10 Yes, They eat dog in Vietnam, especially in the north. It seems that the meat of the animal bring the luck in the second half of the lunar month … anyone hungry?