10 things to do in Sanur – Wind, Water, Surf and More!

10 things to do in Sanur – Wind, Water, Surf and More!

You may have heard of Bali from people you know who have been there or from people who wish to be there, and believe me, if you haven’t been to Bali – you’d wish to be there too.  Sanur, Bali is a coastline paradise of powdery white sand and the bluest sea so by now you can imagine the fun things to do in Sanur.  Every tourist would say that this is their home away from home after an experience in this island paradise.  Plan your holiday trip to Sanur, Bali and this experience will be one you will never forget. Checkout my 10 things to do in Sanur list:

Top 10 things to do in Sanur, Bali

There are more than a handful of things to do in Sanur and as a tourist for the first time in Bali you wonder what to see in Sanur.  Wonder no more as it is rest assured that no matter how long or how short your trip may be – there are plenty of things to do and things to see to maximize your Bali experience.  It may be worth to bring a checklist of activities and have at least 10 things to do in Sanur, Bali during your stay.

See the Sunrise. Strategically located in the south east of Asia, this is the part of the world where the sun rises and you can be a witness to the stunning sunrise at the Matahari Terbit spot.  Sanur Bali boasts of its beautiful sunrise and you can include this on your  10 things to do in Sanur Bali list.  If you are a photography enthusiast, you can take amazing photos of the sunrise and it would be a great souvenir you can keep.

Take a Morning Jog or Bicycling Along the Coastline.Or you can awaken your senses by planning a morning jog or cycling along the white sand beach stretch then take a break at the Matahari Terbit spot to see the sunrise.  It still early into the day and you already checked off one of the things to do in Sanur – there is plenty of time to do more.  You look around the beautiful island and you speculate what to see in Sanur and I guarantee you there is plenty.

Do the Sea Walk. While taking that jog – you can’t help but marvel at the seemingly pristine blue sea and you want to explore and experience the Sanur beach marine life.  There are three ways you can experience the sea life in Sanur.  First, the best way to do this is to enjoy underwater scenery with the seawalk.  In this activity, you can literally walk under the sea!  Imagine your bare feet on the soft white sea bed and be amongst the marine life of fishes, exotic sea creatures and colorful corals.  I encourage that this activity is on the top 5 of your list in the things to do in Sanur – it’s safe and professionals will guide you and provide you with a helmet that will supply you the oxygen you need while immersed under the sea.

Go Snorkeling or Scuba Diving. You may feel that you can to take this experience to another level and you want to be at one with the sea and experience what it’s like to be a part of the aquatic life.  Another way of enjoying the waters is if you are a licensed scuba-diver or you simply want to go snorkeling – Sanur is the best place to achieve this as this is also a recommended spot for scuba divers.  You will find scuba and snorkeling apparel in resorts so you don’t have to worry about bringing your own gear.

Go Snorkeling or Scuba Diving

Go Snorkeling or Scuba Diving

Canoe Along the Bali Seas. Another favorite water activity in Sanur is canoeing.  This is a great way to be at one with the Bali beach and experience its waters.  Since Sanur is known for its calm waters, it is perfect venue for this activity.  Gather along your friends and family and thread your way along the Bali seas.  Wake before sunrise and troop down one of the shops that rent out canoes and appreciate the beauty of Sanur.

Have a Taste of Balinese Cuisine. Its sundown in the beautiful island paradise and you are almost half into your things to do in Sanur list.  All the water activities in the day built up an appetite, you want to try the local cuisine and you wonder where to eat in Sanur.  Something about Sanur, Bali is the lovely local fare of fresh seafoods or the Babi Guling Cokro –  a famous Balinese dish.  Be courageous enough to try these and put this into an experience of the palette.  You can enjoy a sea front dinner and have a taste of the fruits of the sea and the fine flavors of Bali.

Wind Down with a Couple of Drinks at a Local Bar by the Beach. After a lovely dinner, enjoy a couple of drinks at a local music bar and enjoy the chill out music that can soothe you as night befalls paradise.  Bali has given you more than enough experiences in one day, but it is human nature to be unsatisfied and you want to do more things.  And yes, Sanur beach in Bali promises more experience but for now, slumber in the beautiful island resort as tomorrow there is more to things to do in Sanur.

Reflect on Life by Meditation Techniques by the Sea. Bali mornings are best if you join the locals and tourists in morning meditations such as yoga, tai chi, falun dafa or Qi gong on the beach.  It is worthy to learn these as it is a good way to cultivate your thought process and it is beneficial to the health – regulating your heart rate and the breathing techniques can help you attain a relaxed state – something you want to achieve while on holiday.

Enjoy the Sea Breeze and Experience Flying a Kite. After your morning meditation and a fresh breakfast on the beach front, enjoy the sea wind and try kite flying in Mertasari beach.  There are kites on sale in the Bali markets and is a common activity amongst locals and tourists.

Go Crazy with Shopping and Find One of Kind Balinese Treasures and Merchandise. Now that I mention, the Bali markets, you may want to shop for souvenirs or gifts, visit Danau Tamblingan street, the main shopping hub in Sanur and there are plenty of good finds there such as Balinese handicrafts and local handiwork.  If you wonder where to eat in Sanur in this busy market, there are plenty of food establishments serving local cuisine to satisfy your appetite.  You feel you are done shopping and you may find that you have hauled all the items on sale at Danau Tamblingan.   You barely noticed that you have done 10 things in Sanur, Bali but there is so much more to do!  You feel tired and spent – and a nice cheap back massage to soothe your tired muscles may do the trick.  Experience Balinese massage and feel the difference.  There are plenty of small spas that cater to these services.  By now, you feel that everything you could possibly need is on this island paradise of Sanur.

 10 things to do and MORE things to do in Sanur, Bali

You have just had your massage and you feel revitalized again to do more – more activities!  You have seen the most talked-about sunrise, you have tried three water activities, you have tasted their local fare and hung out at a local music bar, you have learned meditation with the locals and joined other tourists, you have flown a kite and went shopping.   You have all the 10 things on your things to do in Sanur list but you have some days to spare and make more discoveries around the island paradise – and the truth is – there are definitely more things to do in Sanur.  Truly a holiday to Sanur will fulfill all your heart’s desires and it is certain that after a stay in this patch of heaven, it will leave a beautiful imprint on your life forever.