Map of regions of Vietnam

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Map of regions of Vietnam
Map of regions of Vietnam

The territory of Vietnam is  divided into eight regions:

The northwest (Tay Bac)

One of the two regions with no sea access, it includes four provinces.

The Northeast (Đông Bac)

It includes eleven provinces located in the north of the densely populated delta of the Red River.

The Red River Delta (Dong bằng sông Hồng)

It contains nine populated provinces and Hanoi, the national capital and its harbour, Haiphong, all based around the downstream of the Red River.

The North Central Coast (Bac Trung Bộ)

It includes together six provinces of the northern half of the narrow coastal strip between all the South China Sea to the east and Laos to the west.

The South Central Coast (Nam Trung Bộ)

It contains five provinces and the Independent City of Da Nang, located in the southern  part of the central coastal .

Central Highlands

It is the second region having no sea access. The region has five mountain provinces in the south of Vietnam central region, mainly inhabited by ethnic minorities, although many Vietnam also live there.

Southeast of Mekong Delta (Đông  Nam Bộ)

It includes the lowlands of southern Vietnam in the north of the Mekong Delta. It includes seven provinces and the Independent City of Ho Chi Minh City ( formerly Saigon).

The Mekong Delta (Dong bằng sông Cuu Long )

It is the southernmost region of Vietnam, and contains twelve provinces of the Mekong Delta for most small areas, densely populated, and the independent municipality of Can Tho.