How many people died in the Vietnam war ?


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How many people died in the Vietnam war
How many people died in the Vietnam war
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Vietnam war Casualties

Millions of Vietnamese have died of the consequences of war. Official records are difficult to consult, when they exist, and many among the killed were literally shredded by shelling. This makes it very difficult to agree on exactly what should count as “Viet Nam war victim”; people are still killed by unexploded munitions and mines, particularly cluster munitions. The environmental effects of chemical agents such as Agent Orange defoliant widely used by the Americans and the colossal social problems caused by the devastation of the country after so many deaths have certainly reduced a lot of life survivors. Furthermore, contamination of part of land still causes serious health problems (birth defects, hypertrophy, rickets, lung cancer and prostate cancer, skin diseases, brain and nervous systems , respiratory and circulatory, blindness, various birth defects) especially in the country

How many people died in the Vietnam war
How many people died in the Vietnam war

Estimates of the lowest losses, based on the declarations, North Vietnam side,  around 1.5 million Vietnamese was killed. Vietnam announced April 3, 1995 that a total of one million soldiers and two million civilians (including the South) were killed during the war.

Losses in South Vietnam side are estimated at 255,000 soldiers and 430,000 civilians killed, including 80,000 in 1974, higher than any other year of the war, while US forces were evacuated.

The balance sheet for the US armed forces is estimated at 58,177 soldiers killed and 153,303 injured   for a total of 8,744,000 soldiers who participated to conflit. Of the 46,852 Australian soldiers who participated in the Vietnam War, 492 were killed and 2398 were injured

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Officially, 16 Soviet soldiers have died during the conflict in Vietnam and 5 in Laos.

The number of deaths from 1965 to the end of the conflict will be above three millions.