How long did the vietnam war last ?

How long did the vietnam war last
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How long did the vietnam war last  ?How many wars in Vietnam in the last century ? How did the vietnam war start ? What was vietnam war dates ?

2 Vietnam wars

Indochina War (1946-1954), conflict between France at the League for the Independence of Vietnam, founded and led by the revolutionary leader Ho Chi Minh.

The Vietnam War (also called the Second Indochina War) is a war between 1954 and 1975, firstly the North Vietnam (or North Vietnam) with its Vietnamese people’s army – supported materially by the Eastern bloc and China – and the Viet Cong (or Viet Cong), and secondly, the Republic of Vietnam (or South Vietnam), supported militarily by army of the United States supported by several allies (Australia, South Korea, Thailand, Philippines).

How did the vietnam war start ?

The Vietnam War, the name given to the conflict after the French withdrawal, opposed to 1954-1975 North Vietnam to South Vietnam.
Following the Geneva Accords (1954), France left Indochina after a hundred years of presence, and Vietnam has it recognized independence, but the powers impose a general elections, so a partition at the 17th parallel : this compromise will make peace an illusion.

South of the 17th parallel, the Republic of Vietnam (whose capital is Saigon) is headed by Ngo Dinh Diem,

In the north, the leaders of North Vietnam, are building a socialist state in the North (capital: Hanoi) under the chairmanship of Ho Chi Minh.

The National Liberation Front (FNL), whose members are called by their Vietcong (“Communist Viets”), was founded in December 1960.

How long did the vietnam war last
How long did the vietnam war last

Short summary of main dates in Vietnam War

Vietnam War Timeline
Vietnam War Timeline

11 December 1961 First American intervention in Vietnam
11 June 1963 A Buddhist monk set himself on fire
7 February 1965 The Americans are bombing North Vietnam
29 June 1966 First American raids in Vietnam
2 September 1969 Death of Ho Chi Minh
20 November 1969 Americans oppose the war in Vietnam
3 May 1971 Gigantic sit-in in Washington
8 July 1972 Jane Fonda arrives in North Vietnam
27 January 1973 Vietnam signed the Paris Agreements
29 March 1973 The latest GI leave Vietnam
30 April 1975 The capitulation of Saigon

How did the vietnam war end ?


The capitulation of Saigon

The government of South Vietnam surrendered after the entry of the troops of North Vietnam and the Vietcong in Saigon. South Vietnam capital is renamed Ho Chi Minh City, the name of former Vietnamese Communist leader. The country, divided during the first Indochina War against the French in 1954, is finally reunited under the authority of the communist government in Hanoi.

March 29, 1973

The last IM leave Vietnam

The last Navy returned to the United States while the government of Hanoi frees American POWs. In accordance with the peace agreements signed in Paris on January 27, US forces had 60 days to withdraw from South Vietnam.

27 January,1973

Vietnam signed the Paris Agreements.

A cease-fire was signed in Paris between the United States and North Vietnam. The action of the negotiators, Le Duc Tho and Henry Kissinger Vietnam for America, ended 10 years of war. The agreement provides for the withdrawal of US forces within 60 days. In return, Hanoi agrees to release all its prisoners. But the Vietnamese problem is not resolved so far: if America withdraws from the conflict, the communist North and the South Vietnamese army will continue to compete until the defeat of the South in 1975.

July 8, 1972

Jane Fonda arrives in North Vietnam.

The American actress performs a two-week stay in Hanoi to denounce US policy in Vietnam. On “Radio Hanoi” she will urge American GIs to stop the bombing of North Vietnam. It will even get on to the seat of a North Vietnamese anti-aircraft gun wearing a military helmet. The action of Jane Fonda in Vietnam will be severely criticized by the American political class that see in it the symbol of the anti-patriotic.

Jane Fonda arrives in North Vietnam.
Jane Fonda arrives in North Vietnam.

May 3,1971

Massive sit-in in Washington.

500,000 demonstrators (hippies, conscientious objectors and Veterans) met in the US capital to protest the Vietnam War began in 1964. The security forces have been carrying the arrest of 7000 people, filling prisons District of Columbia, and even a stadium. President Richard Nixon will seek to end US involvement in Vietnam. In 1973, the Paris Agreements stop the hostilities, without really settling the fate of South Vietnam.

November 20th, 1969

Americans oppose the war in Vietnam.

In Washington 250 000 people protest against the continuing conflict in Vietnam. There is anger in America for the revelation made by the “New York Times” the massacre of hundreds of Vietnamese in the village of My Lai, in the south of the country by American soldiers.

1969,3 September

Death of Ho Chi Minh.

In the middle of conflict with the United States, the President of the Democratic Republic of Vietnam, the architect of the country’s independence and the communist regime, died of a heart attack in Hanoi at the age of 79 years. Ho Chi Minh, who lived in France from the age of 27 to 34 years, created the Indochinese Communist Party in 1930 and proclaimed independence and founded the Democratic Republic of Vietnam in 1945, opening nine years of conflict with France. After the French defeat at Dien Bien Phu, the Geneva Accords (1954) accept the division of Vietnam into two states, North and South. In April 1975, the name of Ho Chi Minh is given to the southern capital.

June 29,1966

First American raids in Vietnam.

US President Lyndon Baines Johnson triggered the first air raids on North Vietnam. The fuel harbors in Hanoi and Haiphong are bombed. Vietnam was divided in 1954 and a war between the South, supported by the United States, the communist North led by Ho Chi Minh. US troops will be present in Vietnam until 1973. The country will be reunified in 1975.

February 7th, 1965

The Americans are bombing North Vietnam.

After evacuating the last American families, the US Air Force launched its first direct air offensive against North Vietnam. The aim of the US and the South Vietnamese government to undermine supply networks with weapons and fuel from the communist in the North. These bombings mark the beginning of the Second Indochina War. As of March, US marines arrive more and more numerous in South Vietnam.

June 11,1963

A Buddhist monk set himself on fire.

To protest against the pro-American dictatorial regime of Vietnamese President Ngo Dinh Diem, a Buddhist monk committed suicide by fire in Saigon (South Vietnam). Other public immolations follow and opposition movements will be severely repressed by the government. In November, a coup d’etat suddenly overthrow the government of Ngo Dinh Diem, which will be shot. In 1964, the United States will decide to send troops to Vietnam to oppose the communist advance.

December 11th 1961

First American intervention in Vietnam. A US aircraft carrier carrying two squadrons of helicopters arrived in Saigon. For the first time the US military directly helps South Vietnamese in their fight against the Communist guerrillas.