A Few Simple Backpacking Tips For Europe

October 11, 2016 admin 0

Share itIf you’re about to venture out on your very first backpacking trip, there is no doubt in my mind that you’re bursting with questions (I know I was). So let’s discuss a few basic tips to help you maximize your time on the road and get the most out […]

Budget Travel in Ireland

November 23, 2015 admin 0

Share itThere are many things that you need to think about when you are planning a trip overseas but going to a different country might put you out of your comfort zone. This is a good thing because you have the opportunity to experience new things. Traveling to Ireland can […]

Rough Budgeting

October 28, 2015 admin 0

Share itAfter months of reviewing a whole lot of travel blogs & asking a multitude of friends who have done the year/(s) of traveling thing. The equation is simple and broken down like this: More countries = more money More stops = more money GENERALLY: Asia < South America < […]

Things to consider about Travel Insurance

October 25, 2015 admin 0

Share itFor me, as a person living in the US – the word “Insurance” elicits an immediate negative reaction. In my experience, insurance companies are in general a true pain to deal with. SO naturally, I was NOT excited to figure this out. WHAT KIND TO CONSIDER The travel insurance […]

Affordable Caribbean Paradise at rex resorts

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Share itYour beach vacation doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg, and the Caribbean has become even more affordable thanks to some special promotions from rex resorts.  Situated on the shores of five beautiful islands, the seven properties of rex resorts offer guests a taste of Caribbean […]

Saving Money On Your Cellular

Saving Money On Your Cellular Data Bill While Abroad

October 11, 2015 admin 0

Share it Roaming charges are the Devil. Despite Ofcom’s best attempts, mobile operators still get away with charging an arm and a leg for accessing any of their services abroad. For many of us – who use our phones a great deal when at home – the shift to being […]

Travel Insurance is Vital for Budget Travellers

Travel Insurance is Vital for Budget Travellers

October 11, 2015 admin 0

Share itIt still surprises me that many people don’t see why travel insurance is vital for any international trip. People who insure their house and car in case something goes wrong suddenly decide that nothing bad will happen when they’re overseas. Believe me, it does, as my friend found out […]

Free Things to Do in Los Angeles on a Budget Trip

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Share itLos Angeles is a large affluent city and home to one of the biggest entertainment industries in the world- Hollywood. All the glitter and the glamour this city produces is bound to leave people thinking that spending time in this city involves spending bucket loads of cash. Nothing could […]

MekongMekong Delta Delta

Budget Food in London

October 5, 2015 admin 0

Share itIf you’re taking a vacation or a business trip in London it’s easy to spend ridiculous amounts of money on keeping your ribs from sticking together. Either that, or live off Pret a Manger sandwiches for days – which isn’t really all that cheap and is a bit limiting […]