Best time to visit Vietnam

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When is  the best time to visit Vietnam?

Right now there are 4 seasons inside northern Vietnam and 2 seasons (dry and rainy seasons) within central and southern regions.

It’s cooler in Da Lat city (Central Highlands) and also truly cold inside Sapa ( 1500 m above the sea) and the entire northern region throughout the entire winter time (from November to February).

Best time to visit Vietnam
Best time to visit Vietnam

North: The best time to go to this region is April, September till December. It’s quite hot and humid throughout the summer time, particularly from June to August (including rain). The coldest months in the northern Vietnam are January and also February, in average from 5 to 10 °C in Hanoi and down to 0°C throughout Sapa, freezing even snow.

Central region: Typhoons frequently hit central coast from July till October. The central region (from Quang Tri province to Phu Yen) usually have alot of rain and flood through the periode of October and November.

South Vietnam: From November to February happen to be the ideal months to visit this region. The rainy season lasts from Mai to October. The hottest months are March and April. January and / or February are actually the  months whenever Vietnamese celebrate their Lunar New Year (Tet). It will be a little inconvenient to be able to travel during this time because of the fact that plenty of folks go back homeland for holiday vacation , then back to work shortly after that, and the local traffic can easily be very busy.

Many shops ,  museums are closed for the duration of the initially 3 days of the new Year. On the other side, you can appreciate the ambiance and also see the ways Vietnamese celebrate the most important event with fireworks within the big towns.