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Major Battles in Vietnam War- Ia Drang Campaign

Major Battles in Vietnam War- Ia Drang Campaign

Share itMajor Battles – Ia Drang Campaign 19 October – 26 November, 1965 The battle for Ia Drang was between U.S. and People’s Army of Vietnam (PAVN) forces, significant because it prevented the PAVN from seizing control of the Central Highlands and cutting SOuth Vietnam in two. It also demonstrated […]

Major Battles in Vietnam War – Operation Flaming Dart

Operation Flaming DartOperation Flaming Dart

Share itMajor Battles – Operation Flaming Dart February 1965 Reprisal air raids signaling a sustained bombing campaign against North Vietnam. Early on 7 February 1965, the Viet Cong mortared the U.S. helicopter installation at Camp Halloway and the adjacent Pleiku airfield in South Vietnam’s Central Highlands, killing 8 U.S. servicemen, […]

Major Battles in Vietnam War – Gulf of Tonkin


Share itAugust 1964 The Tonkin Gulf incidents were major events that prompted the Tonkin Gulf Resolution. On 31 July 1964 the U.S. Navy destoyer Maddox started a reconnaissance cruise off the coast of North Vietnam. It carried extra radio gear andm personnel to monitor Democratic Republic of Vietnam (DRV) radio […]